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This is the current working wiki for the Compact Objects with ASKAP — Searching and Timing (COAST) project: (COAST wiki) The early planning for pulsar observing with the Australian Square Kilometre Array pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope is preserved here: (Old ASKAP wiki)

Pulsar Timing Arrays

Timing array projects are looking to detect gravitational waves by detecting correlations between residuals on an ‘array’ of pulsars. This requires high precision timing on a number of pulsars distributed on the sky.

The International Pulsar Timing Array

A collaboration between the Parkes, North-American and European timing array projects.

Parkes Pulsar Timing Array

A timing array based at the Parkes radio telescope, aiming to time 20 pulsars with <100ns residuals. PPTA Wiki

European Pulsar Timing Array

A timing array project using 5 telescopes in Europe. EPTA wiki


The North American NanoHertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves NANOGrav homepage

Pulsar Timing for the GLAST Mission

The pulsar timing database used to help gamma-ray astronomers find pulsations

SKA Virtual Telescope

Here are the parameters of the SKA virtual telescope, which covers stages A, B and C of the SKA. It also contains the list of SVT-proposals. http://webmail.jb.man.ac.uk/SKAwiki/VirtualTelescope

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