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Software Index

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A pulsar software installation system

Ordered alphabetically:

Pulsar Timing


A large selection of packages for timing, calibration, reduction and archival of pulsar data.

PSRTime / PSRprof

A well used set pulsar timing software, used mainly at JBO.


New pulsar timing package including all known effects down to 1 ns accuracy.

Pulsar Searching


A pulsar searching suite principally aimed at searching for accelerated pulsars in globular clusters.


A new software package, currently focusing on time domain optimization for searching and confirmation. Compatible with sigproc.

Also includes JReaper


A pulsar search package that works with a wide range of data and has a strong set of multi-purpose tools.

Pulsar Simulation


Pulsar simulation package that extends on psrpop. Designed for the SKA, but suitable for any telescope.

Observing Software

PMDaq and friends

Odds and Ends


Extracting Parkes filterbank data

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