IAU Symposium 291
Neutron Stars and Pulsars: Challenges and Opportunities after 80 years

IAU General Assembly XXVIII — 20-31 August 2012, Beijing, China

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Monday 20 August

Welcome: Dick Manchester (on behalf of SOC)

10:35 – 12:30, Session 1: Pulsar Discovery I

Chair: Michael Kramer
Michael Keith – The HTRU surveys for pulsars & fast transients (Invited, 20 min)
Patrick Lazarus – The PALFA Survey: Going to great depths to find radio pulsars (Invited, 20m)
Ryan Lynch – The hunt for new pulsars with the Green Bank Telescope (Invited, 20m)
Ben Stappers – New results from LOFAR (Invited, 20m)
Cherry Ng – Conducting the deepest all-sky pulsar survey ever: The High Time Resolution Universe Survey (15m)
Andrew Siemion – A search for pulsars in the central parsecs of the Galactic Center (15m)

14:00 – 15:30, Session 2: Pulsar Genesis – Neutron-star formation and birth properties

Chair: Renxin Xu
Feryal Ozel – Neutron star structure: What we learn from their masses and radii (Invited, 20m)
Fridolin Weber – Structure of quark stars (Invited, 20m)
Kohsuke Sumiyoshi – Numerical modeling of core-collapse supernovae and compact objects (Invited, 20m)
Nicolas Chamel – Superfluidity and entrainment in neutron-star crusts (15m)

16:00 – 18:00, Session 3: Pulsar discovery II and Poster Session

Chair: Scott Ransom
Pablo Saz Parkinson – Fermi LAT Searches for gamma-ray pulsars (Invited, 20m)
Lucas Guillemot – Radio counterparts of gamma-ray pulsars (Invited, 20m)
Poster Presentations: 1–minute/1-slide per poster

Tuesday 21 August:

10:30 – 12:30, Session 4: Pulsar diversity

Chair: Joeri van Leeuwen
Sarah Burke-Spolaor – RRATs and other high-B pulsars (Invited, 20m)
George Pavlov – X-ray properties of rotation-powered pulsars (Invited, 20m)
Wynn Ho – Central Compact Objects and their magnetic fields (Invited, 20m)
Chen Karako – Discoveries of RRATs in the 350 MHz GBT Drift-scan Survey (15m)
Simone Dall'Osso – The decaying magnetic field of magnetars: evidence and inference (15m)
Andrea Belfiore – The first radio-quiet millisecond pulsar? (15m)
Eduardo Rubio-Herrera – Single Pulses from Nearby Galaxies (15m)

Wednesday 22 August:

10:30 – 12:30, Session 5: Binary pulsars

Chair: Silvia Zane
Andrea Possenti – Binary pulsar evolution: unveiled links and new species (Invited, 20m)
Mallory Roberts – Surrounded by spiders: The newly discovered population of eclipsing binary millisecond pulsars (Invited, 20m)
David Nice – Neutron-star masses (Invited, 20m)
Lennart van Haaften – Formation of the planet around the millisecond pulsar J1719-1438 (15m)
Thomas Tauris – Recycling pulsars: spins, masses and ages (15m)
Juri Poutanen – Constraining neutron star EoS from cooling stages of X-ray bursts (15m)
Nathalie Degenaar – Peeking into the crust of an accreting neutron star (15m)

14:00 – 15:30, Session 6: Neutron star vibration and emission

Chair: Shinpei Shibata
Nils Andersson – Neutron-star seismology (Invited, 20m)
Silvia Zane – Magnetar X-ray emission mechanisms (Invited, 20m)
Dong Lai – X-ray emission from neutron-star surfaces (Invited, 20m)
Caroline D'Angelo – Understanding magnetars through their flare emission (15m)
Aris Karastergiou – Long timescale radio emission variability and spin-down changes in PSR J0738-4042 (15m)

16:00 – 18:00, Session 7: Pulsar timing and testing gravitational theories

Chair: Jim Cordes
George Hobbs – Pulsar Timing Arrays: Status and techniques (Invited, 20m)
Norbert Wex – Prospects for probing strong gravity with a pulsar-black hole system (Invited, 20m)
Ryan Shannon – Constraining the nanohertz gravitational wave background with the PPTA (15m)
Justin Ellis – Stochastic and continuous gravitational wave analysis pipelines for PTA data (15m)
Weiwei Zhu – 19 years of high precision timing of the millisecond pulsar J1713+0747 (15m)
Kuo Lui – Update on the European Pulsar Timing Array (15m)

Thursday 23 August:

08:30 – 10:00, Plenary Session:

Chair: Dick Manchester
Scott Ransom – Pulsars are cool - seriously (Invited 30 min)
Nanda Rea – Magnetars: neutron stars with magnetic storms (Invited 30 min)
Michael Kramer – Probing gravitation with pulsars (Invited 30 min)

10:30 – 12:30, Session 8: Pulsar timing

Chair: David Nice
Andrew Lyne – Magnetospheric regulation of pulsar slow-down (Invited, 20m)
Kejia Lee – Testing gravity theories in the radiative regime using pulsar timing arrays (Invited, 20m)
Sarah Buchner – Vela glitch monitoring from HartRAO (15m)
Cristobal Espinoza – The spin evolution of young pulsars (15m)
Augustine Chukwude – On the peculiarities in the spin-down of isolated radio pulsars (15m)
Gregory Desvignes – Measurement of relativistic spin precession in the young binary pulsar J1906+0746 (15m)
Wei Wang – The superslow-pulsation X-ray pulsars in high-mass X-ray binaries (15m)

14:00 – 15:30, Session 9: Pulsars and the interstellar medium

Chair: Duncan Lorimer
Jim Cordes – Galactic structure and turbulence from pulsar observations: Results and implications (Invited, 20m)
Jean-Pierre Macquart – Interstellar scattering (Invited, 20m)
Jinlin Han – Galactic magnetic fields derived from pulsar rotation measures (Invited, 20m)
Thijs Coenen – LOFAR commissioning pulsar surveys (15m)
Heino Falcke – FRATs: Searching for fast radio transients in real-time with LOFAR (15m)

16:00 – 18:00, Session 10: Galactic distribution and evolution of neutron stars

Chair: Vicky Kaspi
Duncan Lorimer – The Galactic neutron-star population (Invited, 20m)
Paulo Freire – The pulsar population in globular clusters: differences and similarities to the pulsar population in the Galaxy (Invited, 20m)
Samar Safi–Harb - Pulsar wind nebulae (Invited, 20m)
Shami Chatterjee – Science with radio pulsar astrometry (15m)
Jayanth Chennamangalam – Constraining the luminosity function parameters and population size of pulsars in globular clusters (15m)
Ascensión Camero – A magnetic powered nebula around RRAT J1819-1458? (15m)
Xiaping Tang – Particle transport in young pulsar wind nebula (15m)

Friday 24 August:

08:30 – 10:00, Session 11: Pulsar magnetosphere and emission mechanisms

Chair: Jinlin Han
Anatoly Spitkovsky – Modelling of pulsar magnetospheres (Invited, 20m)
Andrey Timokhin – The complex charm of the pulsar magnetosphere (Invited, 20m)
Shinpei Shibata – The structure of the pulsar magnetosphere via particle simulation with GRAPE (15m)
Don Melrose – Pulsar Electrodynamics Revisited (15m)
Jason Li – Resistivity and dissipation in pulsar magnetospheres (15m)

10:30 – 12:30, Session 12: Emission mechanisms

Chair: Dong Lai
Evan Keane – Radio emission properties: Nulling, mode changing and drifting (Invited, 20m)
Jarek Dyks – Radio pulse emission mechanisms: directional patterns (Invited, 20m)
Matthew Kerr – Gamma-ray emission mechanisms (Invited, 20m)
Joeri van Leeuwen – "An X-Raydio Switcheroo" - Detection of correlated mode changes in radio and X-ray (15m)
Marta Dembska – PSR B1259-63 spectrum evolution and classification of pulsar spectra (15m)
Vladislav Kondratiev – Pulsar Emission at the Bottom-End of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (15m)
Walid Majid – A multi-wavelength campaign to study giant pulses from the Crab pulsar (15m)

14:00 – 15:30, Session 13: Future facilities

Chair: Na Wang
Simon Johnston – SKA pathfinders (Invited, 20m)
Di Li – The promise of a giant radio telescope (Invited, 20m)
Vicky Kaspi – The NuSTAR X-ray telescopes (Invited, 20m)
Russ Taylor – The Square Kilometre Array (Invited, 20m)

16:00 – 17:00, Session 14: Forum Discussion

"Future Facilities, Future Discoveries and Big Questions"
   Introduced and moderated by Jim Cordes, Vicky Kaspi and Dong Lai (60m)

Meeting Summary

Chair: Renxin Xu
   Jocelyn Bell-Burnell