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Mailing Lists

Pulsarastronomy.net hosts several mailing lists for various pulsar projects and the “everyone” list which is for general announcements to the pulsar community. If you would like us to host a new list for you, please contact mkeith at this domain.

Everyone List

The everyone mailing list is a moderated low-volume mailing list for announcing conferences, jobs and other messages relevant to the entire pulsar astronomy community.

Subscribe to: The everyone list

User group lists

These lists are for certain groups of users, for example software or instrument users.

Project specific lists

These project specific lists are for people interested in or working on specific projects. You should only join these lists if you are a member of the specified project.

  • coast is a list for people working on the ASKAP COAST project.
  • epta is a list for people working on the European Pulsar Timing Array
  • hitrun is a list for people working on the High Time Resolution Universe survey.
  • patp is a list for people working on the Pulse@Parkes outreach project.
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