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PulsarHunter Known Issues

Please use the Bug Tracker for new bugs!

Current as of 1.2.5

PHCF plots in JReaper and ph-view-phcf

  • No close button on PHCF plots in ph-view-phcf
  • Score breakdown should be visible somewhere

Files are saved even if they are unmodified

Causes errors when no write permissions, and does unnecessary disk writes.

Errors generated when loading data library, even if data library loaded ok

Probably caused by trying to switch windows before the whole DL is loaded.

Sigproc data reading limitations

Currently pulsarhunter will only read 32bit floating point timeseries. If a timeseries with a different number of bits is read, PulsarHunter will not detect the file as a known file type.

Fixed as of 1.2.5

Exits ungracefully when trying to auto detect the type of an unknown file.

Returns things line null pointer exception, instead of testing that the file exits.

PHCF plots in JReaper and ph-view-phcf

  • No close button on PHCF plots in JReaper
  • Some data is lost off the bottom due to badly specified plot sizes
  • Acceleration curve etc should ignore 0 value points (due to not all dms having all points)

Candidate lists writen back to wrong location

Data written to results root rather than the correct subdirectory

Fixed as of 1.2.4

Folding error misplaces one bin (Fixed in 1.2.4)

For the first half of the timeseries, what should be the last output bin is placed in the second last. This effectively breaks folding for un-baselined data.

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