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Pulsar Hunter Version History

1.2.5 (13-Apr-2007)

  • now reads polyco files for accurate folding
  • Fixed jreaper/pulsarhunter period mismatch (periods were in wrong units!)
  • Increased size of phcf plots
  • Fixed bug causing .clist files to be written back to the wrong place
  • Speed up datalibrary loading by skipping files that are not .clist.gz or .clist
  • More checks for non-existant files before throwing an exception
  • JReaper now has more detailed refine options
  • Jreaper can now show fold/recon/spectral SNRs rather than just one SNR

1.2.4 (12-Mar-2007)

  • Faster folding method implemented
  • New ph-view-phcf and ph-pgplot-phcf scripts
  • Reads new seek .prd files with header and reconstructed snr
  • ph-best supports reconstructed snr and odd harmonics
  • ph-best can zap known interference with a zapfile
  • ph-view-zapfile created for creation and checking of zapfiles
  • Fixed many minor bugs

1.2.0 (08-Feb-2007)

  • First Public release.
  • Switched from pdot/pddot folding/searching to accn/jerk folding/searching.
  • Fixed accelerated searching ‘factor of 2’ problem.
  • JReaper 3.1 integrated.
    • Now reads phcf files
    • Now supports directly writing to MySQL database.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes.

1.1.0 (No public release)

  • Jreaper 3.0 integrated.
  • now reads sigproc prd files.
  • phcf format finalized.
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