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Sigproc Issues

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Current Issues (as of 4.2)


Issue - Acceleration values negative

New acceleration time stretching code causes incorrect acceleration value to be searched. This means that any detections in acceleration are negative of the real value.

Versions tested: 4.1,4.2 & 3.8
Versions affected: >=4.1
Workaround: Patch with old re-sampling code, or remember to account for negative values
Submitted by: M Keith


Issue - DM set to 0

When resampling a timeseries using decimate, the DM value in the header is set to 0, even if no frequency decimation occurs.

Versions tested: 4.1,4.2 & 3.8
Versions affected: all
Workaround: A patch: patch. Note that this will mean that the DM is not set to 0 when completely decimating in frequency.
Submitted by: M Keith


Issue - Baseline causes flux degridation

When using dedisperse with small numbers of channels (<12) and a strong source, the baselining causes the pulse power, and region round the pulse to be lowered. This may happen to a lesser degree with low power pulsars or with many channels, but it does not appear to be significant. This is probably caused when the pulse power is strong enough that single pulses can be detected in a single channel.

Versions tested: 3.8 only
Versions affected: 3.8 (probably affects all versions)
Workaround: Use -nobaseline

Submitted by: M Keith

Fixed Issues (as of 4.2)


Issue - Seek in Sigproc-4.1 generates snrs (reconstructed and spectral) a few percent lower than its older counterpart Sigproc-3.8.

After upgrading to 4.1, seek produces consistently lower SNR values than previous versions.

Fixed - Various patches to normalization routines.

Versions tested: 4.1 and 3.8 only
Versions affected: <=4.1

Submitted by: R Eatough

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